Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

We don’t get rain here very often, so droplets on flowers are a rare detail.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

Here are some unique yarns, spun by me. The yarn is a mix of mohair, from my semi-angora goats with wool from my sheep. I washed the wool and mohair separately, passed them through my wool picker, and then passed them through the drum carder to blend the two fibres. I spun the wool on my drop spindle and on my wheel.

These photographs show the yarn being dyed in my solar oven with onion skins and walnut tree leaves.





Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden

The past weekend was a four day holiday here because of el Dia de Todos los Santos falling on a Tuesday.  My family and I went camping in the garden of the house where my mother-in-law grew up.  The town is very small and peaceful, with recent electricity, and very little mobile phone coverage; you have to go up a hill outside of town.

About fifteen minuets drive outside of town, in the middle of no where is the cemetery where my husband’s grandfather is buried.


The cemetery is on hill overlooking the hacienda that was there before the town.

The cemetery is old and we found graves from the 1920’s as well as many small graves that no longer showed their names.

Cementerio de Carrizalillo

Weekly Photo Challenge: Opportunity

A couple years ago my daughter’s school had the opportunity to learn how to make, use, and own solar and wood burning ovens.

This photo shows one of the ovens we made and the adobe oven built behind the school.  We use the adobe oven to cook food which we sell to raise money for the school.


More information on this project can be seen here :


And how I use solar ovens to dye wool can be seen here: