Nothing flashy, just busy

I know, everyone wants to know… how were the rest of the birthdays…more headaches, sweet sixteen tantrums, presents finished on time?

Well, no, no and no.  No migraines, but my youngest had a fever and nightmares with a cold for my husband’s birthday, and we took my oldest out for lunch for her sweet sixteen and it was really, spectacularly bad! (we were trying a new restaurant and her pasta tasted like canned spaghetti)

I haven’t finished her fingerless mitts yet either, but I did manage to turn

this hand spun yarn

into these fingerless mitts.

Darwin showing how comfy the mitts are

Darwin’s sister Florence, (camera shy)

I made these with two squares woven on the continuous square loom. With another two squares I also made a neck warmer.


Neck warmer and mitts

Sweet sixteen

I have also been spinning for a display at my youngest daughter’s school. The school hosted the Third Ecological Reunion of Rural Schools.

I showed my wool dyed in solar ovens as well as promoting the weaving class that I am teaching.  At the moment there are about 15 mothers participating.  I am pleased how popular the classes are and the interest and creativity being developed in the different things we are making with the “squares”.

solar dyed wool and yarn

Solar dyed wool spun then plied with grey wool

The children are always interested in seeing how yarn is made, and a couple had a go with my drop spindle.  So even though I caught my daughter’s cold, and have been snuffling and sneezing, I think June is finishing fine.

Grey autumn day

It is cold outside.

It is grey outside.

It is autumn, but we have very few trees here that change colour.

A little colour

Cats are curled up to stay warm.

Two of my too many cats

A grey woven poncho.

Close up of poncho made from woven squares

But all this grey is not stopping me from having fun with my weaving classes. And in June I will start teaching continous weaving at my daughter’s school. I have done this before, but it was mainly to the kids and included the whole wool process. Now it is for the mothers and teachers and will cover just weaving. I had the first meeting this week and there was a good show of people.

This will be a nice way to see how well I can teach in Spanish.  I shouldn’t be too nervous, my daughters have been at this school for over 10 years and I know most of the mothers, so I can focus on the teaching.

So, come on winter and more grey days, I am not afraid.  Perfect for snuggling down with some wool and making friends and family warm with gifts!

Misty morning