Rain rain rain

Today it is raining.  We do not get much rain here in La Serena, so when we do it is a bit of an event; sometimes good, sometimes not.  The rain during the night was crashing on the roof, waking us all, but now it is gentle drizzle.  The girls stayed home from school and are playing board games and watching TV.  I am remembering rains from years before.

Rainy day

My father designed our house as a guest house; open style kitchen/dining/living room, two bedrooms and a bathroom.  He wanted it to have a “Mediterranean” feel, big windows and a flat roof.  This is lovely when it is done properly, but for some reason our first winter in the house the rain entered everywhere!  We had buckets everywhere except our bed, where we were all snuggled up, trying to ignore the damp that was creeping towards us.

During the following week the parquet floor popped up all through the house and mould started to creep down the walls!  More rain was coming so it was a rush to cover the roof with a plastic sheet.  It worked, less rain entered the house, but that night the sound of rain covered the sounds of a dog killing the rabbits outside.  When the rain stopped, I rushed outside to the screams of rabbits and a horrible sight.  And it wouldn’t be the first.  Something about the rain brought dogs out killing; rabbits, chickens, ducks.

For a long time I dreaded the sound of rain at night, and something that can be so beautiful I hated.  However over the years we have changed our roof, added some extra rooms, and made the areas for the animals more secure.  Now when it rains we are all dry and I can listen to the sound of rain without fear.

After a day of rain, La Serena is beautiful.  The rain cleans the sky and countryside, and turns the mountains in the valley green.


Clear sky after the rain