Just some baskets

Two weeks ago there was a large earthquake, 8.3, and a tsunami near where I live. Luckily my daughters and husband were at home when it happened and we all stood outside while the earth shook. One of the walls outside our house fell down, but we were fine, and thanks to Facebook I was able to immediately inform all of my friends and family that we were okay.
Within minutes our cell phones were receiving tsunami evacuation text messages, which continued throughout the night. The tsunami did more damage than the earthquake, destroying parts of the port city Coquimbo, and many of the small fishing and tourist beaches up and down the coast. My daughter is studying at one of the University in Coquimbo and so classes was cancelled for a week to allow students time to recover and help with clean up. 

Parents are scared to send their kids to school and everyone is nervous with all the aftershocks we have been having. Like the one that woke us up last night rattling everything in the house. So I am trying to stay calm, (earthquakes don’t scare me that much, not like strong winds, I was very scared of tornados when I was little), but the constant moving is hard.

Experimenting with yarn and my hand spun has given me something to focus on. I have been making small woven baskets. I am really enjoying this. Like handspinning, it feels like an old craft, a connection to a long ago past.

We also have a new family pet. After a year with no cats, (we went from having ten wild farm cats to zero in less than two years), a very friendly stray arrived at our house. She is a real sweety, and my daughters love her. We have just got her fixed, and she is going to be an indoor cat, (farm life is just too dangerous for cats).


Waves moving East, thoughts of sorrow moving West

This morning when we woke up and turned on the radio they were listing the times a possible tsunami would hit different regions of Chile.  We didn’t know why, it was just a list of cities along the coast, North to South.  Including our city.

But we are lucky, we don’t have to panic, we have hours to prepare if need be.  However my first reaction was, lets keep the girls at home today.

“Awww, Mom, you always worry,”  said my oldest, “And my school is higher than here.”

In case I thought I could talk her out of it the President made a speech. He told everyone to remain calm, go to school and work as normal, but keep listening for updates.

So that is what I have been doing all morning.  Listening to the radio as it tracks the movement of energy across the ocean.  Watching on the internet and TV the images from Japan, which are breaking my heart.

They are showing nothing else here. Chile is a country that feels deeply the effects of nature and sympathises wholly with what is happening.   Chile just “celebrated” the first anniversary of the February 2010 earthquake, (with added earthquakes in case anyone wanted to forget), so people are nervous.

Friday’s are half days and my girls have lunch at home.  I like the feeling of having them both at home.  Not quite the weekend, but we all know it is almost here.  I make a nice lunch, we talk and watch TV or make things, its like a rainy day.

Today I will hold them closer.

Because I can.

Because it is so easy to loose everything.