Christmas gifts made at home

Summer is starting slowly this year. Yesterday the sun was up early and bright, but this morning it is cool and grey.



But that won’t stop the Christmas cheer! Tonight is the big night, dinner with family and opening gifts at midnight. I bought some gifts, but some we made.

I have been weaving.


My youngest daughter has been sewing.


And my oldest daughter baking!


Wishing everyone a Christmas full of love and happiness!

Before you buy gifts at the mall, look local and handmade!

In time for Christmas, the 6th Observatorio Cultural will offer residents and visitors of La Serena the chance to buy local and handmade gifts, as well as participate in free mini classes. image This Observatorio will also see the launch of Creatif products inspired by the life and work of Gabriela Mistral. These products are made by combining our knowledge and use of different materials to make unique gifts. It is going to be good. And it is going to be fun! We will be in the plaza Santa Domingo, from the 20th to the 23rd of December. image image image image image

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas

Feliz Navidad!

I know the world did not end on the 21 of December, but for some families it must feel like it did. My heart goes out to everyone who has lost loved ones recently.

Ya se que el mundo no termino el 21 de Diciembre , pero para algunas familias yo creo que si fué. Mi corazón va a todos quines perdieron a sus amados recientemente.

Last year I had many Christmas wishes, this year I feel my wishes have been granted. At least in my small world with the people I love.  I have my husband and daughters close, my brother and his wife are beginning a new adventure with their baby boy, and my mother is also making changes in her life. After being a little dramatic in my last post I am accepting the freckle in my eye and will leave the worrying for when it is necessary.

El año pasado tuve muchos deceos navideños, este años siento que todos se han cumplido. Al menos mi pequeño mundo con la gente que amo. Tengo mi esposo y mis hijas cerca, mi hermano y su esposa comenzando una nueva aventura con su pequeño bebe niño, y mi madre también esta haciendo cambios en su vida. Despues de ser un poco dramatica en mi último post, estoy aceptando mi lunar en mi ojo y dejaré la preocupacion para cuando sea necesario. 

I hope everyone has a beautiful Christmas with their family, either with winter cold or summer heat!

Espero que todos tengan una hermosa Navidad con su familia, sea con el frio del invierno o el calor del verano!

Wooly Christmas knits…in the sun

Our summer has finally started, great for drying laundry, not so great for people who burn easily, like me.  With the summer comes the end of the school year.  One of my daughters finishes this Friday, the other finishes next Friday.

The kids celebrate the end of the year with field trips, parties, and maybe even a camping weekend.  The mothers also get to celebrate by cleaning and painting the classroom, and sanding and varnishing the children’s tables, so everything is ready for next year.  (Not all mothers in Chile do this, just the small rural schools).

As well as many school activities, I finally made an appointment with an optician and bought some new prescription glasses.  It is great having new glasses, but there is something in my left eye that needs a trip to Santiago to see a specialist.  I will write more in my next post after seeing the specialist, but it has meant I have been a bit distracted.

I wanted to make Christmas gifts again this year, but it is not going to happen.  The one present I am working on is for my husband. I can never keep anything from him,(he can read me like a book, and I wouldn’t have it any other way), so it is not really a problem if he sees his partial present.


The wool was spun locally and is not very soft, but the natural dye is lovely, walnut leaves.  Because it is one ply, I think when the wool has been washed it will open and soften.


While I was taking the picture Darwin came to have a look.  With those eyes he doesn’t miss a thing!

And if you are reading this in December and it is snowing on my blog, which it definitely isn’t doing here, sorry, but I wanted some snow this Christmas!

Christmas wishes

I am wishing for things I know I can not have.

I am wishing for snow and cold weather, I am wishing for everyone to be free of pain and violence, (emotional and physical), and I am wishing for fairness.

I know I can’t have these things for everyone, but maybe for some people my wishes will be answered.  I hope so.  I believe that acts of kindness are returned, and maybe if everyone did something good there would be extra kindness “floating around” for the times when we really need it.

I hope everyone is with their family.

I hope everyone has someone to love and is loved.

I hope Christmas is much more than all the shopping that comes before it.

And I hope that everyone has a loving Christmas and that all your wishes are answered.

And because in Chile presents are opened at midnight of the 24th, my youngest daughter is wishing, (very hard) that she can open a present; because it is only 8.30pm!

Merry Christmas!