Being in the right place

When I drive to my daughter’s school I pass the La Serena Airport. The road parallels the runway and sometimes we see planes landing or taking off. Also this road is driven by many impatient idiots who think it is actually a racing track, and overtaking will get them to their destination faster and not killed.

So after a near miss by one of these race-car drivers in the morning, I was edgy driving to my daughter’s school to pick them up. As I approached the airport a shadow came over me, (literally, not metaphorically) and an Airbus came in to land. It flew alongside me, bigger and faster than me, and with Coldplay on the radio it was quite something. And if that wasn’t enough, a jogger running towards me, stretched out his arms wide, smiling, in what looked like pure joy. It was just a moment, in the right place.

right space

Life is full of these small moments when the actions of others seem to fall together. Coincidences, angels, luck? I believe in all three.

However, the return of Creatif was desire, not luck! Desire to work as a group, (which isn’t always easy), and the desire to create a space for art…for learning and teaching as well as selling. The group has some of it’s original members, and some new. Some of the members who left the group have formed a new craft fair replacing the Observatorios.

Creatif outside


Creatif is looking for an alternative to fairs, experimenting, and discovering how we can work together and use are individual strengths.

felting and weaving

Our first activity was yesterday, where we displayed our work in a private setting. It felt different from the Observatorios, more relaxing. I think this was because it was smaller and in a closed space, so there was more security.


The space was full of colour!


And for our return, it was the right place!


Christmas trees and goodbyes

This week has been one of change.  The girls are back into the routine of school and we have been waking early to dark misty mornings.  Many countries changed the hour last weekend, but in Chile we will keep “summer time” for over a month more.  We may be in summer “time”, but the season has definitely changed.  In one week the weather went from summer to winter.  (Well, not exactly winter, autumn, but without the wind and falling leaves.)

And if dark morning were not enough to change my mood my mom went back to the Northern Hemisphere.  It was hard saying goodbye.  We have done it so many times, with oceans so often between us, you would think it would get easier.

It doesn’t.

It may even get harder.

My mom getting on the plane

Her leaving hurt, for both of us.  As time passes we understand the importance of family, and with the loss of both of my grandmothers in the past two years we feel it even more.

When I picked up my oldest daughter from school this week, I saw her come out with her friends laughing, and I remembered when I was 15 and my mom would wait for me.  Now, here I am in her place, watching my little girl slowly turn into a woman, knowing she will one day be in my place, watching her children.

There are moments when we just want time to stop for a while.   Like at school pick up, at airports or summer vacations, or Christmas fun.  That is why I left our Christmas tree up for almost four months, (was it really so long?)  Today I slowly took it down, and packed it away in it’s big cardboard box.  I held onto Christmas for as long as possible, but now it is time to move forward.

Also, I didn’t want to break our childhood record of a Christmas tree still being up on my brother’s birthday, this weekend!

Our tree

So Christmas tree packed, goodbyes said, tears all spent, and time to get working!