Spinning Classes / Clases de Hilado

I love to spin in public, and I love showing people how wool is turned into yarn. Many times people ask if I teach hand spinning, and my usual response is , “one day I would like to…”.

Now is that day. I have started teaching hand spinning as part of the summer classes Casa Creatif is offering. In the morning we have classes for children, (10am to 1pm with a break in the middle), and in the afternoon adults and teenagers.

There is a selection of classes, some of which are; yoga, drawing, painting, weaving and ceramics.

More information can be found on our website creatif.cl

Prices for the hand spinning classes for children (and all the kid’s summer classes);

cp$30,000 for four classes, 3 hours each (one class a week/4weeks).

Adult classes will vary in price depending on the number of students and level of spinning. I am starting with a beginners class, learning to spin and ply with a drop spindle;

cp$20,000 for two classes, 3 hours each, minimum 3 students.

I can be contacted here, on my Facebook Page, or through the Creatif website for more information.


Voy a hacer clases de hilado en la Casa Creatif. Hay clases para niños y adultos, en nuestra página web hay más información. creatif.cl 


2 thoughts on “Spinning Classes / Clases de Hilado

  1. Paola jara nuñez says:

    Hola, me gustaria saber si aun haces clases de hilado para adultos? Me interesaria aprender, me regalarin un saco de lana solane te esquilada y mi tarea es hilarla para tejer algo.
    Atenta a tus comenterios

    Paola Jara Núñez

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