When the sky talks

For anyone who follows this blog you will know that we get very little rain in this part of Chile, and only in the winter. Well, this morning I woke up to thunder rumbling outside. It was early, (well early for a Saturday), but I got up and went outside to listen to the sky. I watched the sun rise in the East and the thunder clouds move in from the North.



My daughter told me this odd weather is called a Bolivian Winter, which usually causes rainfall in the mountains, but because of high temperatures in the Elqui Valley and La Serena it has shifted. It sounds prettier in Spanish, Invierno Boliviano and it put on a nice show this morning; there was thunder, a rainbow, and even a little bit of rain.



The thunder wasn’t the only rumbling in my life. Slightly ironic that my last post announced the members and goals of Creatif, just before the cracks started to show.

We organised the 6th Observatorio Cultural, which was beautiful, however discussions with local government shed light on communication problems within the group. Because of these problems and differences of opinion, the members of Creatif met earlier this week and decided to dissolve the group. We all grew during our time working in Creatif, and made friendships that will continue. And with these friendships there is the possibility of new beginnings, projects and ideas.


I must admit, it made me very sad, and I felt quite lost when I came home after the meeting. I joined Creatif towards the end, but loved feeling part of a group.

So now I am looking around me to see where I want to go next with my wool. Asking myself what I enjoyed most, and what were my strengths inside the group. Because I work with wool, which isn’t popular in the summer, I can work and play with my girls who are on vacation, and take my time deciding what to do.


I will let the thunder pass, and wait for clear blue skies.