Olives, a month early!

I don’t know why, maybe it’s the strange weather we have been having, but, I thought this weekend was the time to collect olives. However, I am a month early! They looked so ready!

And the girls were all ready, especially my youngest, ready to monkey her way up the olive tree. So we collected the olives and while Juventus played Barcelona I sliced olives. 

 Now I am left with black fingernails and my favorite olives that I can eat whenever I think they are ready.

4 thoughts on “Olives, a month early!

  1. ulitasloom says:

    Nice to hear from you!
    Did you know that olive tree leaves give an excellent natural dye?

    • No, I didn’t! I will have to try. I have heard the leaves are good used as a tea to lower blood pressure, but hadn’t thought to try dying. I will have to put some in my solar oven. Thanks!

  2. sweffling says:

    This an impressive harvest. I know little about olives except they are nice to eat! Do the different colours represent different types or different stages of ripeness? And how do you store them?

    • The different colors are different stages of ripeness. I don’t know if some are grown specifically to be green olives. I put them in different containers with water and salt, thinking the green ones might take longer to process. I keep them in the salt water, changing it when necessary, and when they are ready to eat we scoop them out, rinse and eat them. Yummy!

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