Iris nevus, Lollapalooza, and the Big Bang.

Sometimes when I go on a trip, images, words, or things seem to repeat themselves. A theme develops.

Last week my husband and I traveled to Santiago with our youngest for my yearly eye check and Lollapalooza, (our oldest joined us on the weekend with her boyfriend). Santiago was in the middle of a heat wave, and it was a big change for us coming from cloudy La Serena.


I had my iris nevus scanned and we took the results to my doctor the next day. Everything is stable, and she eased my worries by explaining the type of changes to look out for. Melanoma usually grows quickly, showing changes in colour or size over months, (I was never sure what time frame). I was also able to ask her about options for treatment available in Chile if it did change. Luckily there are a couple of choices, however she still believes that it is unlikely to become iris melanoma. I was very relieved. I tell myself that I am prepared for the worst, but each time I visit and she tells me everything is okay, I feel a huge weight lift.
So the rest of the week was spent visiting museums and watching a theme grow, let’s call it the Big Bang Theme. My youngest and I were watching reruns of the “Big Bang Theory” before we left, and so when one of the hotel elevators broke and we had to use the stairs, we laughed and joked copying scenes from the program.
Then in every museum we visited the displays started with the same words – Big Bang Theory! Galaxies, suns, and planets spiraling around us.
The new shoes my youngest chose, she jumped on them yelling Galaxy!
The new knitting looms I bought because I was curious and wanted to try something new.
The wooden disk I picked up in Kidzapalooza which looked perfect for a small drop spindle, (actually part of a recycled skateboard for a key ring).
And a mug from the airport, just because.
Circles and spirals. Spinning out and coming home.

5 thoughts on “Iris nevus, Lollapalooza, and the Big Bang.

  1. ulitasloom says:

    Me alegro que tengas buenas buenas noticias y vuelvas serena a La Serena!
    Un Abrazo de Uli!

  2. Isobel says:

    Great to hear your eye is stable. And as it is usually quick growing, does that mean ours is less likely to develop into something nasty?
    Love the way this post is buzzing with your positively creative approach to life which has evidently been inherited by your daughter.

    • I think iris melanoma is very confusing. It can look like a nevus, and can grow very slowly, and because it rarely spreads, I think it doesn’t get picked up as melanoma. But it can also change rapidly, and that’s when they are more likely to do something. I think I just have to trust my doctor when she says it doesn’t look like melanoma. And having all my scans and yearly checks means we will know definitely if there is a change in the future.

      And thanks for the comments, my daughter loves creating and making things!

  3. sweffling says:

    I can do no better than agree with Isobel’s comment!

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