Lets just call this my 100th post

I wanted to write something great and moving for my 100th post, but the more I think about what I should write, the further away I find the post. This happens a lot with me. Constantly thinking, my mind going over every thing so that I get nothing done. However, today I will share.

This morning I looked out of my window, through the mist, and watched the new lambs as they jumped and played, and it made me think of all the beauty around me.


Like yesterday for instance. My family and I went up the Elqui Valley to Vicuña where we had a terrible lunch, (not new for us), but a nice walk around. We visited Emporio Oveja Negra, which sells products from some of the Creatif participants as well as the owner’s beautiful wool creations. We then visited Galeria Elqui, part of Elqui Total. This is a pretty gallery set in a horse ranch, with textile, ceramic, sculptures and painted art.

I came home feeling inspired and belonging to the artistic/artesian community, – and it feels great!

I have been preparing for the next Observatorio Cultural, but in a relaxed way, enjoying the process. I have more ideas, (have to start thinking of spring) and using more of my handspun.

At the moment I am working on a diagonal weave on my large nail loom.


I am not sure if it is slower than traditional looms, but there is no warp loss, which is good when I am using my handspun.Image

The handspun is a mix of wool from the south, alpaca, and wool from my sheep.


I have also been sewing with my youngest daughter and knitting a scarf for my oldest.


I bought some grey fleece fabric for school clothes, and we made this octopus with some of the leftover.


This is really simple and great for kids! Here is the link on how to make this no-sew octopus.

There have also been some changes on the farm. Sadly, last weekend we sold the last of our cows. As long as I have lived on my Dad’s farm we have always had cows. But my Dad wants to focus on smaller animals that don’t need as much physical strength to control, (when things go wrong it helps). I am sure this has been harder for my Dad, but he is looking forward to a simpler farm.

And I am looking forward to my next 100 posts!


7 thoughts on “Lets just call this my 100th post

  1. itwasjudith says:

    nice 100th post 🙂 lovely weaving project!
    sorry to hear about the cow though…

  2. You mention that you feel a part of a community of artists. That is worth at least 100 more posts. And I happened onto your solar oven with onion skins and walnut leaves, as in sun/earth/woman = good good good. Plus that nail loom…maybe there’s room here on our mountain for a nail loom…

    • Yes, it is nice to feel part of a community, and I am sure I will be able to share my journey here!

      My nail loom was made from an old window screen frame. It has around 400 nails. The number of nails in the long side has to be multiples of the short side to be able to do the diagonal weave. I got lucky, I have one nail too many on each long side, (1 cm between nails).

      Nail looms are nice because they are pretty easy to make at home and you don’t have the work of warping the loom. My daughter loves using smaller ones! I think your mountain is calling for one…:)

  3. marjorie says:

    Your loom is so wonderful! And your handspun is gorgeous!

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