June, month of everything

June is a month of Birthdays.

It is a month, (like December) when I notice that I am in a different hemisphere.

Both of my daughters were born in June, on a Wednesday at 10 am, but in different seasons.

My first daughter was born in the summer; flowers, sun, and sandals.

My second daughter was born in the winter; sweaters, clouds, and hot water bottles.

So as I celebrate their Birthdays I feel the cold, but expect the summer heat.

I also feel the passing of time as I watch the olives on the trees turn from green to shiny black.



As June passes I see the birds stealing the olives that have gone soft and know it is time to pick. My daughters and I went out today and collected olives, luckily it was warm because they both have colds, my husband too. That’s winter.

June 2011 is when I decided to stop drinking, (because of my migraines) and two years on I am not missing it. However, because I don’t drink, I really notice how much other people do. And how often characters on the television drink. My oldest daughter and I were trying to make a list of all the characters that don’t drink alcohol…wasn’t much of a list. If any one can think of any teetotallers on the television please leave names in the comment section.

So June has gone spinning by and I have spent most of the time looking after my daughters with winter colds, watching them grow, (my oldest just turned 17, where did the years go?), and preparing myself for another visit with my eye doctor next month.

What I should be doing is spinning and weaving! Preparing for the 4th Observatorio Cultural. For anyone visiting La Serena in July come and see all the beautiful art and crafts!

more information on their page Creatif.

Photo: http://www.artenorte.cl/la-serena-18-19-y-20-de-julio-todos-invitados-al-4to-observatorio-cultural

One thought on “June, month of everything

  1. susana says:

    Es una duda que tengo y usted la planteo.
    Yo le aseguro no se .
    Los seres humanos tenemos comportamientos terribles que podrían ser todas las adicciones.
    También compartimos este mundo con seres que hacen cosas terriblemente crueles .Acciones que ni si quiera queremos imaginar.
    Los medios de comunicación deben reflejar nuestras miserias?
    Yo no se.
    Desalienta no mostrarlas?
    No lo se.
    1000 cariños .
    Cuéntenos la feria de julio.Me encantaría ir.Cariños.

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