Been writing forever

December 29 1982, I spent the entire day in my pyjamas and leg warmers, (probably a Christmas gift), and played with my plasticine and our Texas Instrument computer. I also counted the number of cats in our neighbourhood, nine. I had just turned 12 a few days before.

I know this titbit from my past because on December 25 1982 I was given my first Diary. The first entry began with a headache, bad spelling, and the mention of a cute boy. I kept a diary or journal, (basically following those same themes), up until my first daughter was born. Choose any day in the 80’s and I can tell you what I was doing, maybe even the state of the world – if it included a cute boy.

My diary soothed me, it helped me “talk out” my problems. All those things that teenagers find so dramatic, my diary helped me put into perspective. And even though I do not use this blog as a diary, it still allows me to untangle my feelings, like with my last post. I said what I needed to say about my eye and cancer, and now I can let my freckle just be, (at least until July and my next appointment).

So moving on to wool. The weaving class with my husband’s company has started again after the summer break. We have a new teacher and we are going to make woven wall hangings. In our first class we experimented with weaving cloth strips; an old shirt, a sock, scraps of fabric.


I have also been teaching my neighbour how to spin in exchange for some wool from her sheep, (softer than mine). Here is some yarn I spun with her wool, as well as some woven key rings that I am making.


I like the key rings, but need to give them a test run to see how robust they are.


A few weeks ago I made a large rectangle nail loom and I have been using that to make shawls and ponchos.


More pictures of these can be seen on my facebook page. I started this page because I found that many Chilean crafter’s use facebook to advertise, communicate, and generally connect.

I will use it mainly for pictures and small updates, and keep my blog for when I need to “talk”.

4 thoughts on “Been writing forever

  1. knittedfog says:

    I love your blog, thanks for sharing. Am interested in your time in Chile. Did you enjoy it?

    • Sorry I didn’t reply sooner, some how this slipped past me.

      I have been in Chile for almost 15 years, and still here. It is the longest I have lived in one place. And I think because I have lived in other places, I know that there are good things and bad where ever you go. For now, this part of Chile where I live is pretty quiet and it feels like a safe place to raise kids.

      Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Sara says:

    I started my blog, too, as a place to “talk” to the outside world. It’s become something different since then, but the origins were simple. I never imagined that more people than my immediate family would find me!

    • Yeah, it’s funny that. I started my blog as of a way of promoting a possible fibre business, (which is still not happening), but I have been rewarded by the friendships I have made. Having not found a local fibre community it is great to be able to share on the internet!

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