Reflections or seeing more than may be there

This morning I was up early, awoken by the cats and dogs. while my daughters continued to sleep, and after feeding the cats, our dog, and Sheldon the goose, I tried to take some pictures of my completed stitching experiment.

The sun was also up bright and early.


And was making it difficult to take a good photograph.


There were reflections of trees wherever I put the picture frame.


However, I started to enjoy the reflections, and began to look at the things around me differently.


Like Alice and her trips to wonderland, I have Cheshire grins all around me. I even have Absolem, the caterpillar, (from Tim Burton’s version).

We saw this movie shortly before my daughter got sick in 2011, and to make her stay in the hospital easier she imagined everyone as characters from the movie. The mean nurse was the Red Queen and her older sister was the White queen, waving her arms gently whenever we could sneak her in. And Absolem was the scar on her tummy, with prickly little stitches for legs. She would ask him for help, and even though he was rather vague with his answers he comforted her.

For children it is easy to see more than what is actually around them. Their imagination allows them to see the world as a Wonderland.

I hope my daughters continue to see unicorns, where there are white horses, and wise caterpillars where there are scars.

2 thoughts on “Reflections or seeing more than may be there

  1. Sara says:

    What a lovely post.

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