Felted Awareness Ribbon

I am not sure if Ocular Melanoma has it’s own ribbon, but I have seen a blue and black one.  So even if it is not official, here is my felted version, to show my Awareness of this disease.


2 thoughts on “Felted Awareness Ribbon

  1. peggy says:

    My husband has ocular melanoma. We made ribbons for him using black…ribbon for melanoma (we could not find a color dedicated to ocular specific) and put a gem for his birthstone. They turned out great!

    • What a nice idea. I am sorry to hear your husband has OM. I had never heard of it before I had my freckle checked. It is hard enough to talk to people about cancer, even harder when it is a cancer no one has ever heard of.

      Hope your husband is staying strong.


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