I went and voted

No, not in the USA, but here in Chile’s local elections. For the first time in Chile the inscription for voting is automatic and voluntary. Before you had to be registered, and once you were you HAD to vote.  I was never registered before, but now I was put into the system automatically.  Last week I went on-line to see where I had to go to vote, and today with my husband we went and voted.

There were no lines and the people were very friendly.  Unfortunately there were no instructions on the voting slips and I put a tick and not a line, so my vote may not count! With all the moving I have done, I have not had much chance to vote.

Now we have to wait till 6pm when they will start counting the votes.  They do this by hand marking each vote on the classroom chalkboard. (Voting takes place in different schools.)  It will be the same for the presidential voting in 2013.

I also have some other news, sadder news.  I don’t really have the heart to write about this now but I couldn’t ignore it either.  For anyone who follows my blog, you may remember that my father’s mom died earlier this year, (this post).  Earlier today my Uncle called my father to tell him my Grandfather had died this morning. We knew his quality of life was not good, and it is better that he is not suffering, but it is still hard.

I wish I could say more, but for now that is all.

3 thoughts on “I went and voted

  1. I’m really happy that you are exercising your right to vote. But I am so, so sorry about your losses this year.

    • Thanks. It has been strange loosing both grandparents this year…peace for them, but I always thought they would be there. They were so stuborn, wanting to live by themselves that I think we thought they would live forever.

  2. susana says:

    Lo lamento por usted.Es verdad uno cree que las personas que ama estarán siempre. Cariños.

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