Starting with the studio

It has been a while since I have written about fibre fun. This is not because I have not been doing anything, quite the opposite. I have been doing so many different things that I don’t know where to start. I feel scattered, too many things to tell.

So I will start with my new studio. I have taken over the building where we used to make cheese and I love my new space.

I have lots of windows and light.

Electricity and water means I can listen to music and make a cup of tea.

My collection of woolly dolls to keep me company.

And a separate room for getting messy with felting and wool picking.

In this new space I can work on different projects at the same time. Like this weaving on my table loom.

With the four harnesses on this loom I can weave more complicated patterns, like the raised pattern on this scarf.

I have also been able to complete some projects that have been sitting around for a long time. A certain felting project that didn’t turn out right, (when felting doesn’t work) is finally finished.

I divided the strips into two colour groups and then wove them with a wool warp to make two separate wall hangings.

This month I have also been busy with my weaving class. We have been displaying are work at school shows.

There was a lot of interest in what we are doing, with a few sales and the possibility of new students.


Add teaching felting classes, and shearing, spinning and dyeing mohair, I have been quite busy.  But I will leave those for another post.

13 thoughts on “Starting with the studio

  1. karen says:

    yeah liz! excellent.
    it all looks really good. it’s about time that you had a ‘room of your own’! now you have a few! and it looks as though it will be a really good space for your textile creations. and maybe you will be able to teach from this space too?
    anyway, i guess that i will not be doing a ‘conversion’ on The Cheese Place any time soon 🙂
    i’m happy that you are busy doing textiles.

  2. diane taylor says:

    Hi Liz
    It looks really great, are carole was telling me all about you and your projects,it looks brill,where did u get the weaving loom i’v been looking for one for ages and carnt seem to find any second hand. i’m just starting off selling alpaca products and hoping to get a stall at a xmas fair in december, so i have a lot off work to do,if you have any product selling let me know we can always work something out.keep intouch and loads off good luck coming your way Diane Taylor xxxx

    • Thanks for visiting. You wouldn’t believe that I got the loom from the dump when I was in the UK! It needed fixing up a bit but works great.

      I would love to have alpacas, but I hear they are harder to shear, so I will stick with sheep and goats for now!

      • diane taylor says:

        hi Liz
        nice to hear from you, how many goats and sheep do you have? are you selling your products on-line or is it just for locals?
        i’m back over in the uk next month going with carole to Harrogate, but i will keep my eyes open for a loom on the internet, i’m taking carole a spinning wheal over so were gonna have a laugh trying that one out.
        take care and good luck

      • Hi Diane,
        I have 11 goats and 4 ewes with their lambs.
        I haven’t really started selling, and now that we are starting summer I think most of my woolly stuff will be put away until next autumn. I have a couple of ideas for selling locally, but they are still in the idea stage. 🙂

        Hope you have fun spinning!

  3. Sara says:

    I think your stuff is so beautiful and since you have so much space to create, have you ever thought of selling on Etsy or something like it?

    • Thanks, that is so nice of you to say. I have thought about Etsy, but I think I have to feel god about pricing first. I am finding it difficult.

      There are so many handmade products here in Chile that are not valued, (unless they are sold in the “right” place). Many people don’t understand the amount of work involved in many artesian crafts, and I am not sure what price I put on my time. Shearing, cleaning, spinning, then weaving wool takes hours…

      Maybe a global market would be better, but I would have to look into shipping, payment methods etc. I have been meaning to write a post on this because it is something that I keep thinking about. I think what I really need is to feel confident in what I do, and just start putting myself out there! oooh, but scary 🙂

      • Alison says:

        I think etsy is a great place to start – I know that here in Chile I can’t and won’t compete on the artesania market with the local craftspeople. I do think about selling at expat fairs and the like, which of course is easier for me in Stgo. Still, etsy is global, and if you price your work to include the cost of the postage, and still make a decent amount from each item, you can compete in the global market.

        I wish us both luck!

        And would you be able to host the Stgo SNB up there for a retreat sometime? Your studio looks amazing (I was, and am, happy with my 30sm basement, but you have a beautiful inspiring space!

      • I will have to look into Etsy, sounds like the way to go!

        I would love to host Stgo SNB if you are planning a visit up here, and it would be great to meet everyone!

  4. diane taylor says:

    thats not a bad idea Liz etsy is a great site xxx

  5. Whoa! You have been busy! But I LOVE your new digs!! Wonderful space you have there. I can see tons of new projects just getting churned out left and right in a space like that!

    • Thanks! It is a great space. Maybe a bit cold in the winter, (but then thats what sweaters are for 🙂 ). However now we are coming into spring so it will be nice. And it is big enough that I can teach some weaving/felting/spinning classes.

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