Cute as a button

As promised, more pictures of the lambs born last week.  However they still look wrinkled and I can’t seem to get a really cute picture.

Some of the lambs, like these, are born black then their fleece turns white as they grow.

They will keep their black face and legs.

This is the boy, who is more curious then his sister.

A couple of weeks ago I said that I felt there were changes in the air.  One of the reasons was because we stopped making cheese here on the farm.  My father started this almost 10 years ago, but for many reasons, (different depending on who you ask), the cheese “business” never really worked.

It seemed sad to finally admit that this was something that wasn’t going to work, but for me it has been a change for the better.  The building we made cheese in has now turned into my new fibre studio.

Unlike my old room, this building has electricity, water, no dust or bugs eating the wood in the ceiling!  It is spacious and secure, with lots of room for all my stuff.  Because it has electricity I have also expanded my wood working tools so that I can make looms, drop spindles and other woody things, like buttons.  I will post pictures soon of my new studio when it is organised.

So back to the buttons.  Last year when the trees fell down behind our house, they broke the top off one of the flowering trees.

Branches of different sizes were cut and some were left under the tree.

I collected some of this wood and cut it into disks to make buttons.  The wood is quite hard and I was very happy with the results.

I know it is a cliché, but beautiful things can be made from waste, and new beginnings can come from sad endings.

4 thoughts on “Cute as a button

  1. IsobelandCat says:

    One of the great tings about not visiting your page so often is that I have lots of lovely posts to catch up on. My father made me buttons when I used to knit ( carpal tunnel and cats have rather put a stop to that activity) and they felt extra special for the attention he gave them.
    I think your lambs are beautiful, and when I work backwards through your posts I am looking forward to finding out more about them. I just hope they are for wool not the table…

    • Thanks for dropping by, I know what you mean about catching up, it’s nice. As for the lambs, the boys usually end up on the table, but I let them grow quite big, around a year old when we kill them. I think at that age they are not lambs but hoggets, and after three years they are mutton.

      Hope all is well!

  2. IsobelandCat says:

    One of the few time where being female is an advantage…

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