Deep winter

Well, it is very cold, but no rain or snow, and very sunny, so it does not really feel like winter.  However, this past week we have had nights with frost and actual ice on the window’s of the car!  Frost is rare for where we live and can cause damage to local crops that are accustomed to milder weather.

Last night in the middle of this polar wave and dusting of frost two lambs were born.  The mother is the ewe I sheared earlier in the year and it is her wool that I have been spinning and weaving.

The picture is not very good, I didn’t want to upset her while the lambs were sleeping.  And since they appear more wrinkled than cute I will give them a few days before I take more pictures.


3 thoughts on “Deep winter

  1. Sara says:

    You’ve had frost there? Crazy. Our cold snap seems to have ended and now we are back near 21 degrees today and yesterday. It’s fine with me since I’m a freezebaby and I despise the cold. I vote you take more pictures of the new lambs, wrinkles and all.

  2. karen parr says:

    awww liz – new leetle babes. i’m with sara – more pics! hope they all stay warm!

  3. IsobelandCat says:

    She looks very protective. I like a sheep with attitude.

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