Pale colours

I feel like I am at a point when I have to make decisions.  What direction do I want to go with my animals and wool; production or teaching, to earn a living or to educate.

I don’t really have to make any decisions, nothing has happened that demands change, but I feel things moving and I am not sure which way the compass will point.

So while I am thinking, here is a picture of the wool I dyed last week in the solar oven.  Very pale colours, but they look pretty together and I think when it is spun it will be a bit stronger.


Pale colours

The Carded batt is the onion skins, next going clockwise is the avocado skins, then the ivy and then the eucalyptus leaves.  In the middle is the original white wool.  Very subtle, 🙂

And here is a some knitting that I am doing for my daughter.

Fingerless mitts

I had better get knitting if they are to be a birthday gift!

8 thoughts on “Pale colours

  1. Shearersgirl says:

    I feel for you, theses decisions are tough.

    • Thanks. I think part of the reason I feel this is because it is winter and we have to buy in some extra food for the sheep and goats. I have to balance the land we have and the number of animals, and if the wool is not great I really need to think about why I have them. But they are nice animals, and I really like to be able to do the whole process, from sheep to sweater, and be able to educate people, (especially kids, they love to see the whole process!)

  2. Beautiful colors!! I love how they look together in the spun samples!

    Your daughter is so lucky. Those mitts are beautiful! I keep making fingerless mitts for my family. I think this year is going to be a pair for me, lol. LOVE them!!

    • Yes I think the colours will look nice, (you can’t really have ugly colours!). I have finished one of the mitts and my daughter loves it, so now I have to finish the second. It was my first attempt at fair isle knitting and I am trying to knit with a colour in each hand! My left hand just doesn’t want to do it. Which makes my in-laws laugh because they all knit with the yarn in their left hand.

  3. susana says:

    Son guantes? el diseño es bello.
    Los colores que logro son delicados.
    Si no hay ninguna fuerza mayor que la empuje a usted al cambio Quizás el cambio este dentro suyo ?
    Probo usted la remolacha en su horno solar ?Carños.

  4. Sara says:

    How do you knit was such detail??? What a lucky daughter you have! I’m jealous. My mom never was good with crafts. My grandmothers are but they don’t keep up with them anymore.

    • This was my first try with two colours, it is tricky but I really like it. My mom knits a bit, but is better known for repairing things; plumbing, woodwork, those sort of things. She gets it from my grandfather who could build anything, (including the house he and my grandmother lived in for 35 years). He was also a great knitter, especially in his later years.

      My grandmother on my fathers side also knit and sewed her own clothes. I am not very fast at knitting, but I am also pretty good at building things, so I think I got a bit of all my grandparents. Of course it was different times, my grandfather learned to knit in the navy to make socks, and my grandmother made her own clothes during the war so she could look unique and stylish!

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