Month of migraines and birthdays

June is migraine awareness month and it is also the month of birthdays.  Both my daughters and my husband celebrate being another year older this month, (some happier than others).

We started with the first birthday this weekend, with my youngest asking me every day last week not to be sick on her birthday, (I was sick on some of her past birthdays).  She is a counter, loves to count off the days, so she has been counting down to her birthday for months.

Of course, as predicted I got a headache on Thursday, and Friday, and Saturday, and on Sunday.  I took my usually cocktails of drugs, mixing and matching, but they only seemed to take the edge off.  (I have tried the maxalt, one of the triptans but I was getting more episodes the year I took them so wasn’t sure if their was a connection).  I have been taking Co-codamol and paracetamol in different doses, which sometimes work great, but are easy to become addicted to, so really not the best method of controlling pain.

On Sunday morning I decided to take nothing and see if the pain would go, but also asked my husband to ask at the pharmacy for something stronger than paracetamol.  By the time he got back from shopping I was desperate.  In Chile migraines are called jaqueca, which I never thought was a real word and didn’t think people really understood how I badly I was suffering when they said oh, you have jaqueca.  (I looked the word up and it comes from Arabic and means half, from the pain that affects half of your head).  My husband bought me medicine for jaqueca, one from the ergot family of drugs.  I had never tried this before, but it worked.  It made me feel a bit weird (I was already feeling weird but in pain as well), but it got rid of the pain quickly.

I could go on and on about how suffering form migraines effects my life; it makes me feel I can’t plan things, I am unreliable, I have to be very careful what I eat, I have stopped drinking (which after a year I am not missing that much), and I get depressed when I can’t do anything because of the pain, or fatigue, or nausea, or the vomiting. This website has a lot of good information and I especially liked this, “10 things I want to share about migraines“.  If you know anyone who suffers please read this and send copies to your friends.

Unfortunately my daughters birthday was not spent the way she had hoped, but a few toys and playing with her sister made it a fun day.

3 thoughts on “Month of migraines and birthdays

  1. You described the effects of these on one’s life so well. It would be small comfort to you if I were to tell you that they ease off as one grows older. So I won’t tell you that.

    • Yes I have heard they get less with age, but unfortunately my mom still suffers with migraines and she is 60. However, I have learned a lot about them (through the internet) which really helps me cope better; knowing that many of the things I feel before the pain are part of the migraine and that I am not alone in all the crazy aspects of it.

  2. Angelita says:

    vaya que genial mes de cumpleaños!!!.. Es una pena que sufras de migrañas!!! uno no se concentra en nada…. a mi suegra le dan constantemente …

    Cariños que estes bien!!

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