A weekend in Santiago and Lollapalooza Chile

Friday morning my husband, daughters, their cousin, and myself flew to Santiago for a long weekend.

Actually, this weekend really began over six months ago when my oldest daughter started asking if she could go to a rock festival in Santiago.  Of course she could not go alone, so she described all the wonderful things that would be available for a family during this two day concert.

“Music for everyone, even you Dad, and a play area for my little sister!”

She worked on us slowly but steadily, until we decided we would go.  But only for one day.

“Choose which band you want to see and what day they are playing”.

“Foster the People!! Sunday!!”

We bought tickets, booked flights and hotels, and waited for the end of March to arrive.  I am not very good at doing things that are outside my daily routine because it is guaranteed that I will get a migraine.  Of course, the stress of knowing I will probably be sick and ruin everything for my family, gives me a migraine.  And sadly, my whole family knows it, and was not surprised that I had a headache the day before we left.

It is not easy visiting a city, (which is still in full summer heat) with a migraine sufferer, a father with a recently injured knee and children of different ages.  My youngest wanted to buy toys and play, my oldest wanted look at clothes she can’t get in La Serena.  Luckily we managed to satisfy both girls with not too much disappointment, dolls and clothes were bought, and we had a nice walk around the museum at the Presidential Palace.

In front of the Moneda

Saturday morning yoga at the musuem

We also went out to the very posh mall where all the big names are, but when I had a severe attack of nausea we had to leave early.  (I wasn’t very popular for a while).  However later chatting with the girls we weren’t sure which was worse, the snotty kids at the mall or the screaming, rampaging drunk around our hotel.

Finally Sunday arrived and it was off to Lollapalooza, nice and early because Foster the People were playing at 1.30pm.  My husband and I have never been to a big festival concert and we were amazed by the size and organisation.  There were six stages, eating areas, a kids area, environmental stands, free water, and constant recycling and garbage control.  A lot of space for everyone, clean and a very nice atmosphere.

Coca-cola stage and Perry's stage behind, (the dome)

My oldest and her cousin ran off to watch Foster the People while we sat in the shade eating and exploring some of the other bands.

Foster the people at Lollapalooza Chile

I got my picture taken by a fashion web page that finds different “street looks”, (they didn’t use my photo, but still great for my ego!)  Later my youngest coloured and made a fairy in the children’s section.

Lollapalooza for the kids

Colouring in the kids section

It was very hot, and a long day for us, so we left around 6pm, which caused some major complaints from my oldest and her cousin who wanted to stay and see MGMT and the Foo Fighters.  But we were tired, (although looking back, we probably should have sat on the grass and listened to more).

Monday morning we packed up our bags and headed out to the airport.  Most of the grumbling of leaving early had been forgotten, and the girls were focusing on the good things they had done in Santiago.  And we still had Santiago airport.

It is a bit of a joke with my oldest daughter because we always see people from the TV at the airport, (it isn’t very big so it is easy to spot people).  This time was no exception.  In the line in front of us at check-in was a large group of well known Chilean actors.

But that wasn’t the best part.  In the line next to us, were Foster the People, which made the weekend finish perfectly for my daughter.  She said hello and asked if she could have her picture taken with them.

Foster the People at the airport

This was her weekend, part of her Christmas present, and even though not everything went her way, she came back with a lot more than she hoped for.

4 thoughts on “A weekend in Santiago and Lollapalooza Chile

  1. Sounds like you all had a good time in spite of the migraine! I think sometimes I have fun just because my kids are having fun. It’s nice to be able to make them happy when I can. 🙂

    Btw, I played with your spider for wayyy longer than an adult should, lol!

    • I agree, it is so nice to see my girls happy, (and not just because of the new toys 🙂 ). Santiago is very different from where we live, (like all big cities), and they enjoyed all the different things to see.

      Glad you dropped by!

  2. IsobelandCat says:

    Hi, I haven’t been here for a while and I see I have missed some sad and happy times in your life.
    I hope you are enjoying april, and I shall slowly catch up on your posts.

    • Thanks for dropping by. Our summer was pretty slow for my blog, I was spending more time with my family, but now that the girls are back at school I am trying to be more active with my wool and blogging. Hope everything is good on your side of the world!

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