Solar ovens in the valley

Last week, before my daughters went back to school, we had a day in the Elqui Valley.  We joined other people with solar ovens at an ecological camp ground.  The camp ground uses reed beds and natural spring pools for swimming pools.

Natural spring pool

We had a picnic and my youngest had a swim.

Steps between pools

We also walked down to the river where there are natural swimming pools and paths to follow and explore.

The Elqui River

While we had lunch and explored my yarn was dyeing in my solar oven and rice, cake, and sausages were cooking in the other ovens.

Solar ovens dyeing wool and cooking food

Rice cooking in a solar oven

There was a solar water heater on display, made with plastic tubes encased in recycled plastic water bottles.

Solar water heater and information about solar energy


Sharing food and ideas

After three hours in the oven my yarn was ready to remove and left to dry.

Solar dyed yarn

We had a lovely day chatting with interesting people and seeing how other people live with their surroundings.


Decorations around the camp site



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