Into the New Year

Well I know it is a bit late, and I have missed the New Year boat; to analyse last year and write about my goals for this year.  But that is okay, because all the posts are there for last year in case I forget, and I am not very good at setting (or completing) goals anyway.

So what have I been doing in these early weeks of the year?

I have renewed my Chilean ID card, which even though I have done before, I always forget the paper work and the visit to the International Police that I have to do first.  And I renewed my drivers licence.  So a lot of back and forth with pieces of paper and waiting in lines, (good thing I always have knitting with me).

Most of the time however I have spent with my in-laws, eating a lot and talking.  We even had a trip to a beach called Totoralillo.  We are close to some great beaches, but we don’t visit them very often.

One of the beaches south of La Serena

And most exciting is that my mom is coming to visit us for two months!  My girls are so happy, especially my youngest, who after counting down the days to Christmas, (starting in June) she has been counting the days till her Nana arrives.

So rather a short post, but it is a start for the year 2012.


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