Celebrating Wovember

Celebrating what?  Yes, Wovember.  This is the month to celebrate all things woolly. I am not sure if this is only in the UK, but I am going to join in.  The idea is to promote the use of wool and to have it labelled correctly in clothing, (if something says it is wool it should be real wool).

From a sheep like this one:

One of my woolly ewes and her lamb

Finding yarn that is 100% wool here in Chile can be difficult.  Most of the wool in “normal” yarn shops is acrylic.  And to make things more difficult, the word lana means wool (and wiki includes all fibre animals) and also means yarn.  I have bought yarn and been told it is lana, which I know by touch it is acrylic.

Some places sell yarn that is pure sheep’s wool, like Mary Dubó Castillo, delicatessen & souvenir, 320-B Brasil street, if you are visiting La Serena.  She also sells kits and wool for felting, and other lovely woolly things!

Hand spun and knitted mitts from wool I bought at Mary's shop

There is a web page all about Wovember which you can find through their link. So visit and sign their petition, and enter the competition, I know I will!

One thought on “Celebrating Wovember

  1. eastwitching says:

    Oooh little sheepie – so cute – thanks for sharing!

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