Box of softness

Before my daughter became sick I had ordered some wool from Wingham Wool Work,  and while my Dad was visiting family in the UK he was going to bring it back.  Unfortunately he left before the order had arrived and the package was passed on to my Mom, who later sent it.

The box finally arrived when my daughter was in the hospital, and even though it was a lovely surprise, I couldn’t even think about doing something enjoyable untill she was better.

Mixed wool and alpaca

Once my daughter was out of the hospital and feeling a bit better, I let her choose some wool to spin.  I spun a mix of blues with white at the same time.

Hand spun yarn

My daughter has also been learning to knit, and wanted to use her hand spun to knit something.  She has only learned knit, not purl, and needed something small, easy and quick.  She made little wrist warmers, and was very pleased that she did them mostly alone.

Wrist warmers in the garden

She still had some yarn left over, so now is going to try a neck warmer.

The beginning of a neck warmer

She will need more yarn, but is happy knowing she can spin some more or use some of Mommy’s.

2 thoughts on “Box of softness

  1. I love the blue/white mix! You can just see the softness of the yarn!

    Congratulations to your daughter on learning to knit and then finishing her first project!

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