The gosling’s got spraddle legs

Now, should you laugh or be worried?  Lucky for our little gosling we can do both. Spraddle legs or splayed-legs is when chicks or waterfowl’s legs go out to the side, or do “the splits”.  This can happen for a few different reasons, and is made worse if they are put on a slippery surface.

Our gosling, (see the post before, September 28th) was having problems walking and after a search on the internet I found what she/he had and how to correct it.

Here the legs are spread out

The gosling could move but was pushing itself on it’s belly.  If it had been with the geese it would have been squashed or left behind.

Another photo of the splayed legs

The way to correct this problem is to tie the legs together above the ankles.  Not too tight, just enough so the feet are held in the correct position.   I thought this would be difficult and the gosling would be falling around all over the place. But, when I put one of my daughters soft hair elastics around it’s legs, (with tape in the middle) the gosling stood up immediately!

It pitter-pattered around with little dancing steps just like the penguin in “Happy Feet”.  It made me laugh, and happy to see it standing and moving around the little corral I had made it.

Pink elastic to keep the legs together

Tape to stop the elastic from slipping off

I have to keep checking the legs, but hopefully in a few days it will be able to stand without the elastic.

Now we are tying to decide if it is male or female.  The girls have decided to name it Penny or Sheldon, from the “Big Bang Theory”.  However, for now, and maybe for awhile, it will be Penny-Sheldon!

13 thoughts on “The gosling’s got spraddle legs

  1. What a Cutie! We had a pet chick that turned into a Rooster, when I was a child! This Gosling is quite a bit bigger!

  2. Yeah, and we think it may be a boy, so he may be more lively as well as big! At the moment my girls love him and they can’t wait for him to grow.

  3. That will be a fun time for all!

  4. Just wondering what ever happened with your gosling? Did the legs recover?

    • Yes, our gosling is fine now. Actually he is now quite a big goose, we think he is a boy. He lives just outside our house with a female friend, we think a female…we will soon know when she starts laying, I will get some pictures up soon. 🙂

  5. colette says:

    Hi Just wondered if this would help if a goslings leg seemed to be growing behind it? Our 2 week old gosling is having problems walking and it seems to trip over itself, the leg seems to be further back than the other?

    • I am not sure if it would help. Sheldon’s legs were definitely apart to the side and he moved by pushing himself on his belly. Putting the elastic on his legs helped him stand straight immediately, and he only needed it for a few days, so as long as it is not hurting your gosling it might be worth trying, (if you can’t find any help elsewhere).

      Hope your gosling gets better.

  6. sweffling says:

    Hi, we have just had this problem with a gosling but I did not think to take any photos. I wondered if you would be prepared to let me copy yours to put on my blog about my own gosling? Thanks:)

    • No problem, I don’t mind if you use the pictures. Funny you posted today, I have just taken in two goslings today. The mother left the nest with the other goslings and these two weren’t ready yet. Once they are up and moving I hope to put them back with their mother, hope she will take them. 🙂

      • sweffling says:

        That’s very kind of you, and also for the extremely prompt reply:) I hope your two rescue goslings fare well: I do not have experience of a mother who keeps some and then has to reintroduce some others later so fingers crossed for you all or I foresee a couple of ‘house’ goslings for a while. After three months they are not so distressed if they cannot see or hear ‘mother’ but up to that age they get very agitated if they are left alone. I once had to take a water bird with me everywhere until it was three months old: shopping, cinema, restaurant, church etc. etc.!!

  7. Terry Welch says:

    Jolly helpful suggestion, splendid photos . Just implemented your idea and within 30 mins my splinched legged gosling is up and “walking”. Lets hope it’s a permanent fix.Thanks.

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