Once de Septiembre

Today is the 11th of September, and it has been a long week.

Here in Chile most of the country has been in mourning after a plane crash killed a well loved celebrity along with 20 other people.  The plane was lost at sea near the island of Juan Fernandez, where it was trying to land.  We have had a week of almost 24 hour news coverage as they find parts of the plane and parts of the people.  The accident was even sadder because all the people were going to the island to help with the rebuilding that has been going on since the earthquake last year.

Then comes the weekend, and programs of the Twin Towers have been on the TV.  The whole world remembers this date because of the attack, sadly Chile has been remembering this date for almost 40 years.  The 11th of September 1973, the Presidential Palace was bombed with president Allende inside.  This began the 17 year dictatorship of Pinochet.  Like the Twin Towers, my husband remembers watching on TV as planes bombed the palace and fear became the common feeling across the country.  Should I mention the irony of the United States’s involvement in Chile during the 70’s, and the date of the Twin Tower’s attack?

And, most painful for my family this week has been my youngest feeling sick again.  She has been suffering with severe stomach pain and nausea, which has meant more visits to the doctors, abdominal scans, and blood tests.  The general opinion was that it was colic, because she is eating a more varied diet a month after the operation.  But we were also told that she may have problems with her intestines “sticking” at any time in her life.

She is feeling better now, and we have had a restful weekend, trying not to watch the TV, or think about all the sad things that have happened on this date.  We have to take a moment to remember these things that are so terrible; to remember how we were effected…so that we don’t repeat them.

Unfortunately, you would think after “witnessing” so many atrocities we would have learned.

5 thoughts on “Once de Septiembre

  1. IsobelandCat says:

    I came here to this post after reading your comment on my post about Troy Davis’ execution. (I decided not to scroll further down the page when I read your warning to vegetarians!)
    You have written so thoughtfully and clearly, and I feel ashamed that I had not made the connection with Once de Septiembre before.
    Tell me which post I need to go, bypassing the cockerel, to find out about your daughter please.

    • Thanks for visiting. the post about my daughter is Hospital knitting, hmmm try the hospital tag, that will take you there.

      Yes, I know the whole world was effected by the Twin Towers. I remember where I was, watching on the TV as it happened. It was horrific and changed the world, but partly because it was the US. Terrible things happen all over the world, but the US seems to “cry”, or “yell”, or “stomp” the loudest. My brother lives there and there are some things I really miss about the US, and some things not so much.

  2. IsobelandCat says:

    There’s a song by Billy Bragg, Help save the youth of America,written after Tschernobyl, where he sings that:
    And the cities of Europe have burned before
    And they may yet burn again
    And if they do I hope you understand
    That Washington will burn with them
    Omaha will burn with them
    Los Alamos will burn with them

    Maybe you know it? I found myself thinking of it after the Twin Towers were hit.

  3. IsobelandCat says:

    Just found a link on youtube, faster than the version I have on Talking to the Taxman about Poetry, but maybe you’ll enjoy it.
    He’s also known as The Big-Nosed Bard from Barking, and his mum still wishes he’d stayed in the army as he was earmarked as officer material there.

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