Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken

I tend to get a bit emotional when I break things in the kitchen.  I think I put too many memories into objects; memories like the romantic night drinking champagne with the black stemmed glasses, or the blue mug we bought when we first moved into the house.  Breaking these items was a bit teary…

A couple weeks ago while moving some plates I knocked four bowls onto the floor and two broke.  I wasn’t too sad, but they looked so pretty, the black, red, and now white, that I just put them to one side.

Bowl and pieces


Now what to do with the pieces?  I could use them in a mosaic, or to decorate the garden, or in the fish tank… Anyone have any ideas?

10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken

  1. SandySays1 says:

    If you can find a way to join them wouldn’t they make a unique wind chime/ mobile?

  2. Pseu says:

    I made a mosaic with broken china and was pretty pleased with the result.
    Here in case you are interested

    • Your mosaic is really pretty. I love the colours!

      I did a table once, but it was with flat tiles, and I am worried about working with curved pieces. I guess if they are small enough they won’t be so curved.

      Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. frizztext says:

    gracias for sentimental story telling!

    • I think the word broken conjures up such sad images, and I am sure everyone who participated in this had an image in mind, (if not an actual photo), that was too upsetting. Some people chose to post them, others like me chose “broken” things that are easily swept away.

  4. john tugano says:

    sometimes these things really have a sentimental value that we tend to care for them..And if its broken we still find way not to throw it as a garbage..I think you can decorate your garden with that..That’s a nice Idea..Btw yours a perfect fit for the challenge..

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