Hand spinning classes

I have been thinking a lot about teaching spinning and weaving.  However it is quite a jump to put yourself “out there”, especially when there may not be much demand.  I have two spinning wheels so I could teach someone to spin, but if the students don’t have access to a wheel after class there isn’t much reason to learn.

Starting with a drop spindle may be a better way to go.  Because I think the class should include some wool and a spindle, I have been trying to make a fairly good, cheap spindle.  When I taught the kids at my daughter’s school I used some kebab sticks and potatoes.  I need something a bit better than that! And here are a few of my test models.

Drop spindles

They still need some work, and I found it is hard to drill a straight hole into a piece of wood, (which is important so the spindle spins true!)  I have been testing them and they work better than I expected.

Now I just need to find some students!

5 thoughts on “Hand spinning classes

  1. Thorny Rose says:

    If I were in La Serena, I would take your class! I am not an expert knitter, but I’ve managed a few scarves, a throw, and a felted hat, all from wools I bought in New Mexico.

    • That’s great to know. Now that I am getting my spindles working better I think I will be able to teach some classes. I know a few people who are interested, and I am hoping it is kind of addictive!

  2. maggiequinn says:

    I like what you are doing and wish you great success. I’d love to take your class if I were there. It has been many years since I’ve tried spinning with a drop spindle but I recall that it was a worthwhile experience and I could certainly do with a refresher course. If there is such an experience as active meditation, spinning must be it.

    • Thanks, I agree that there is something peaceful about spinning. Although, it helps to have nice, clean wool. I have spun wool that is less than perfect and I just want to throw my spindle! 🙂

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