Solar dying and knitting mittens

A couple weeks ago my daughter’s school hosted an environmental day.  I took my solar ovens to show how I dye wool with them.  Another mother brought jam that she makes in her solar oven, and we displayed our products to the visiting schools.

Yarn and jam with solar ovens

Baskets of hand spun wool and a Peruvian drop spindle

I thought of making hot water-bottle covers with this wool, but I only had about 50g of each colour.  I love knitting hats and scarves, but thought I would try mittens.

Hand spun yarn dyed with walnut leaves and onion skins in my solar oven

I used the pattern from Weekend Knitting, by Melanie Falick, “super mittens”.  I made a slight change to the pattern by putting an opening for the fingers to come out.

Green and purple two ply

They were fun and easy to knit, and make great presents for people who work on computers in cold offices!

Fingers out

Now I need to knit some smaller mittens, for smaller hands.

Mittens for my kittens

2 thoughts on “Solar dying and knitting mittens

  1. Eileen says:

    I love this! Do you use your solar oven for anything else? or just dyeing wool? Also, sorry I asked that question about natural wool dyes, when now I see you’d just written about it. Also, do you ever say (approximately) where in Chile you are? Just to fill in my mental map! What made you finally start blogging after all these years in Chile? Hope your spinning classes take off!

    • I use it for cooking as well, but more in the summer. The temperatures are a bit low in the winter for cooking, but perfect for dyeing with leaves and things. I haven’t done too many recipes but this summer I want to try more. I live near La Serena so the oven can’t boil, or brown food, it is kind of like a slow cooker, (higher up the valley there is a restaurant that cooks with solar ovens).

      I have an older post that explains how I got “into” solar ovens. I think you can find it by clicking on the solar oven tag.

      I guess I started blogging now because I really want to show what I am doing with my wool. Five years ago, hand spun yarn was not very popular in La Serena, now there is more interest. Also my youngest daughter is in school all day now, so I have more time.

      Thanks for the questions, it is nice to know people are interested. (sorry I had to edit this because I only read part of your comment…still learning about wordpress!)

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