It is getting cold

The cold weather has meant that I have brought my spinning wheel into the house so I can spin in the warmth.  Most Chilean’s homes do not have central heating, especially here where it is generally mild…except in the winter, when it is cold!  And Chileans like to air their houses in the morning when cleaning, open all the windows and let the cold air in. (I must admit I do this in the bedrooms every morning.)  But in the living room and kitchen we have a wood burning stove, so it stays warm.  At night hot water bottles keep us warm in the bedrooms.

Hot water bottle. That is a phrase that I learned doesn’t translate exactly.  When I first met my husband, before we were married I stayed with his family, (very understanding soon to be in laws), and caught a bad cold.  My Spanish wasn’t very good so I tried to describe a hot water bottle.  “Botela de agua caliente”, (bottle of hot water).  I thought I was pretty smart until I saw what they brought me; a glass beer bottle full of hot water!  Well it worked, but I later learned that I should have asked for a “guatero”.

So I have been spinning and trying to think what to knit with the wool.  Maybe some covers for our “guateros”!

Green and purple sheep's wool

Mixed hand spun