The fall and fruit of trees

Behind our house we have a small forest of Eucalyptus trees which look beautiful, but have a habit of falling down with the slightest storm.

Trees behind our house

During the rain two weekends ago the winds whipped around for a couple of hours and brought down a few trees.  We were inside the house and heard them crash.  When the wind had died down I went out and took some pictures.  It is hard to imagine the power and weight these trees have when they fall.

Inside our little "bosque"

Trees that fell down across the road, knocking down trees on our side.

After the rain the mountains above our valley were full of snow.

Snow capped mountains

Next to our house we have four small olive trees which have never produced more than twenty olives, but this year one of them had a bit more.  I was worried during the storm that the olives would be blown off.  They weren’t, and so this morning my girls and I collected olives.  Hardly buckets, in fact not much more than a kilo, but they look so nice, and I love the possibility of eating my own olives!  I sliced them all and then left them soaking in salted water.  Maybe we will eat them with a little goats cheese and salad.



3 thoughts on “The fall and fruit of trees

  1. Great photos. Falling trees are scary. Those olives look nice and plump 🙂

  2. […] wrote about this last year in the fall and fruit of trees.  Looking back on that post I can see that the date was almost the same.  Even though this part […]

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