Jewels in the garden

At different times of the year our garden is visited by three types of hummingbirds.  Each kind has its own personality.  The most common are the Giant Hummingbird and the Green-Backed Firecrown Hummingbird, and the rarer Oasis Hummingbird.  (I believe these are the correct names).  The Giant Hummingbird is big and not very colourful.  The Green-Backed Firecrown Hummingbirds have a red crest which they lift and flash as they zap through the trees.  They are more aggressive, and chase each other around whiles whistling and chirping.  The Oasis Hummingbird has a purple throat and a long forked tail.  It is much quieter then the Firecrown Hummingbird, making a clicking noise as it “bobs” when feeding.

When we arrived back in Chile in January I had a glimpse of the Oasis Hummingbird, then they were gone.  Now this week the Firecrown Hummingbirds are in the garden making a lot of noise and coming close to crashing into us when we go out the back door.  I like to stand in the garden with my Dad’s camera, (better than mine) and wait for the hummingbirds to come close.  I haven’t done it yet this year but here are some pictures from a couple years ago.


A slightly ruffled Giant Hummingbird



Green-Backed Firecrown Hummingbird


Green-Backed Firecrown feeding


Firecrown Hummingbird



Oasis Hummingbird



Young Oasis Hummingbird


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