Before and After

I think everyone loves to see “before and after” pictures, especially when they are about transformations from something ugly and unusable to something beautiful and functional.  (We also seem fascinated by the before and after of disasters, but there is enough of that in the news).  These are my before and after photographs of my fibre studio, or my Spider’s Workshop.

My spinning room after five years of disuse

The building was the old pump house my father had built for the farm when he first moved here.  About six years ago we removed the pump, tiled the floor and put on a new door so I could use it for spinning.  It had open windows and gaps in the ceiling so unfortunately would fill with dust.  Because it was hard to keep clean I stopped using it for spinning and left it for storage.

Old box used for shelves

However with all my new fibre tools I needed a space to work and ventured back into the room to see what could be done.

The room was full of these spiders, not very nice

The first job was to clean it out and remove five years of spiders; that was not pleasant.

Behind a wooden box used as shelves there were hundreds. I felt like I was in a Steven King book.  There were even some mice skeletons in the cobwebs.

Everything removed, time to paint

Once it was all clean I painted it with left over paint from the house, while my husband made Plexiglas windows, (also from leftovers) to stop the dust from coming in.  He also made me some shelves and work tables, (from more leftovers).

The corner painted with my Kiwi next to a Traditional Jumbo Flyer

My carding equipment

Storage space, looms, and Ashford Traditional, (still has gaps in the ceiling)

Desk with spindles next to the door

For a couple of days I thought it looked like a breeze block room painted pretty colours, and not the studio I was dreaming of.  But once I moved all my stuff in, it started to feel like a space I could work and create in.  And in case I was having doubts, when asked at my daughters new school my “profession”, my husband answered “Artist”.


My Ashford Wild Carder has it's own space now



My bobbins hide under the curtain


Postcards and pictures I collected from craft shows when I was living in Devon

7 thoughts on “Before and After

  1. Jenn says:

    Love it! What a cozy, cute space! But Nigel wants to know why you’re not calling it your “bodega” 😉 Leave it to him to poke holes …

  2. Annje says:

    Such an interesting blog! How does one start spinning? … and those spiders totally give me the creeps! I don’t like to kill them siether, but I sure hate them in my house.

    • How to start spinning…with a bag of wool no one wants and a lot of curiosity! Took me a while to figure it out. Now there are videos on the internet which probably makes it easier!

      And yes, don’t like those spiders! Brown recluse I think, and they are very common in Chile.

      Thanks for visiting!

  3. Lynn says:

    I found you because I am considering the Wild drum carder – wanted to tell you how absolutely lovely your new studio is and yes, there’s nothing like before and after photos! Great job!

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