Opening the Boxes

I am not very good at throwing things away.  I am a bit of a hoarder and collector of things.

This week we came back to our house on the farm.  A friend stayed and looked after the house for us, and before she came we put our whole house into boxes, put them into the smallest room, and then locked the door.  Now a year later I am opening them all and thinking “where am I going to put everything?”  And I am hoping to have a little space for all my fibre toys?  And there are more boxes to come? I realised with pain that the only thing left to do is start giving things away.

Having two daughters with eight years between them means I have kept a lot of clothes, from the first to the second.  (I know, poor second daughter, always second hand clothes.  However she thinks visiting the storeroom is like a trip to the store.)  With her help we have been going through boxes, and she is ruthless.  “I like this dress Mommy, but it is a bit small.”  There goes the dress my first daughter lived in and I have kept for 10 years.  I must admit though it is starting to feel good, jeans I haven’t worn in years, tops that I never really wore anyway, all to charity.  The house is still in chaos, and I still don’t know where I will put everything, but I am getting closer and it is nice to be home.

Small lap blanket with hand spun

Whiles at my in-laws I did a bit of spinning.  One was a two ply – one single of black, dark grey, and light grey, plied with a single of blue, blue/white/purple, and purple.  Later I bought some balls of hand dyed wool from Huella Indigena,  The colours looked so nice next to my hand spun that I decided to use them together to make a small lap blanket, (from Weekend Knitting, by Melanie Falick, p 20).  It was fun and easy to knit, and a great way to use small bits of hand spun.

Close up of lap blanket

Whiles organising the clothes my youngest said, “Don’t worry Mommy, you can buy more things if we give these away…or you can make stuff”.  Yes, already started with the making.

One thought on “Opening the Boxes

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