Christmas Wishes

Only a few days to Christmas and I have ordered some new spinning toys to take back to Chile, and I am so excited, (about the toys and going back).

Kiwi with mohair


In Chile sits my Ashford Kiwi, which is what I learned to spin on, and for the past year here in Devon, I have been using an Ashford Traditional.  Both are really nice wheels.

My Kiwi in the garden





To add to this I have just bought a jumbo flyer kit for the Traditional and an Ashford Wild Carder.  It was difficult deciding on which drum carder, but the cost was a big part.  Also, I really like the look of this carder.  I know I should have tried it first, and I hope I will not be disappointed by its tiny, “cute” size, but long thin batts appeal to me.



Now just have to wait till January for delievery, what a silly time to order on-line, days before Christmas with snow all over the UK!

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