What’s in a name?


Spider in our garden before laying her eggs.

Why the Spider’s Workshop?  Well, I am a spinner, knitter and weaver, and identify with spiders.  I love to watch them making their webs in the morning, and follow their cycle through the year as the females grow fat with eggs.  Of course those are the pretty spiders I have in my garden, here in Chile.  The spiders I have inside my house, are not pretty.

I hate to kill spiders, (they make threads like me!) and when I first moved onto my Dad’s farm I would catch the spiders and take them outside.  I asked the men working on the farm if the spiders were la araña de rincón (corner spider or brown recluse, poisonous but timid spiders), and they said no.  So for years I was living and catching these spiders, until we upgraded to a better Internet connection and I saw a picture of a brown recluse…my house was full of them.

With all the spiders and my spinning I called my house el Taller de Araña, the Spider’s Workshop, playing with the Spanish for a spider’s web, tela de Araña.

With two young daughters in the house I had to start killing the spiders.  However, they keep coming back into the corners, and I keep spinning, so it is still el Taller de Araña.

Underside of garden spider and her web.

One thought on “What’s in a name?

  1. Josette says:

    I love the name of your workshop! It is so whimsically fitting!

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